About Us

Today in India, nearly half the population is facing health issues. Diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, CVDs, Genetic deformities are evidently found everywhere. In major cities like Mumbai, people choose fast food for all meals of the day, due to paucity of time which is eventually made using harmful substances. Not only we feed on it, we feed our children, our loved ones too. Our children are our future & to nurture them is our duty in any circumstances. If we want to be ideal parents to our children, what are our options to sort these critical issues?

This is where our company “Natural – Fresh Vegetables & Fruits” come into picture. We will provide you with 100% pure & fresh from the farms Organic produce. We strive to supply naturally produced vegetables & fruits with the principle of “co-operation”. We want to help you keep healthy & fit with natural supply at minimum cost with high health gains. It is our duty to provide 100% pure, fresh & organic vegetables & fruits with complete transparency.

Natural – fresh vegetables & fruits' is a very loyal & trusted organization to help the people, with the people & for the people. So don't wait, come together & join us in the revolution of a healthy & wealthy life.

So, place your demand for only fresh & healthy now! & keep yourself healthy & fit!

Although we’re currently under the process of Organic Certification, we only utilize materials that are approved by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)