Why Organic

Dear Customer's,

Our better health without any disease is dependent on thinking, habitation and most importantly 'THE FOOD' that we eat every day. There's a famous proverb in Marathi that goes 'Anna he purn bramha' but there is no reality in this because the real fact is that whatever we eat in our daily life such as fruits, vegetables etc are produced using harmful & dangerous chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We eat this regularly without any complain, as we do not have a better option to that. We are trapped in this vicious chemical cycle. Originally, India is an Agrarian country, but heavy use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides has harmful effects on our water & soil which leads to privative crops that have dangerous effects on our health & body.

Just think about the lifestyle of humans 50yrs back, their average life expectancy was 90-100 yrs, as they led a very healthy life. They followed a daily exercise & yoga regime, they ate pure & natural food. Whereas the current day scenario is completely opposed to that. Even though today we follow an exercise regime, our food remains poisonous, harmful & privative.